April is the most pleasant time to visit the Karoo region, not least for Afrika Burn (afrikaburn.com; April 29-May 05), the arts festival at which large sculptures are set on fire in the desert. Promoting “Radical Self-Reliance”, Afrika Burn also features performance art, themed camps, live music and crazily designed “mutant vehicles” that are not Read More

What you need to Know.. A lot of people will be flying into Cape Town with their bicycles this month, to participate in the largest timed cycling event in the world. If you’re up for a 65-mile cycle around the peninsula on March 10, get in training. Much more fun and easier on the legs Read More

Travel Documents & Entry Requirements Your Passport Please take a moment to confirm that your passport meets all the requirements It should be in good condition It should be valid for at least 6 months It should have the recommended number of blank pages The blank pages must be labeled ‘Visas” at the top. Pages Read More